Tuesday, May 19, 2009


is anyone even still reading this thing?

it's been exactly 2 months to the day that i've written something on here. the funny thing is that i would occasionally type in the web address and watch the page load...kinda expecting something to be different.



what's been up?

me... y'know same thing. rick rossin it...not lovin these hoes. still at the job i hate because i have bills to pay. still simultaneously wishing i were leaving the city and searching for apartments outside of west. stil...here.

school's...school. a necessary evil. i mean, i don't need a degree to write a book but it sure as shit helps if the publishing falls through. idk...i'm all about having plan B's, even if its sometimes at the detriment of plan A.

who knows.

anyway... i'm tired and i *sigh* have to go to work in the morning.

but i'll be back.
hopefully in less than 2 months.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

hey now!

it's been awhile again.
and (once again) that's my bad.
school's in session and the only thing and i've had on my mind lately is gandhi and napoleon bonaparte.

but things are still the same.
thanks for asking.

i should actually be studying for a quiz/catching up on some homework now. so i'll keep this brief...

things on my mind as of late:

-where in blue blazes did all these cricket stores come from? and now they have commercials too...i don't really trust it.

-the school that i'm currently enrolled in is not really for me. i need to find something different. i have an idea, it seems kind of crazy actually. but i might be able to pull this off. more on this later. i gotta work some things out in my head first.

-when did the young boy from two and a half men get all skinny and adorable. see... i mean he needs his eyebrows arched a little bit. but still adorable.

-i'm really thinking about a move. i mean, philly will always be one of my fav places to be, but... i need to see something different. even if i come back, i need to see some place else for awhile.

-if the world's coming to an actual end...why would we look to nicholas cage for help?

Friday, December 26, 2008

my bad

the trials and tribulations that surround
got a lil bit more gangsta than normal
so i had to take a brief hiatus.

but i'm back on the block.

hey now!
we have a new year coming (i'm going to a shindig that has the potential to be full of foolishness)
AND...thats basically it.

so yeah,
i missed you guys

Friday, November 21, 2008


i miss my youth...

before school:

after school:

saturday morning:

just for fun:

more later.
i feel kinda old tho

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

quick update:

i'm @ work so i'll make this brief...

for the 3rd or 4th time (i have yet to get actual confirmation, and i think i blocked it out of my own mind) but someone (a crackhead) broke into my car.
stealing what you may ask?
that baby shower gift for a friend that i ordered offline and paid a million frickin dollars for s&h (well it at least felt that way)


so that was more money for a window that i had previously replaced.
i swear those kind men down @ jack's auto glass are beginning to know me by face,
or at least by car model.

and now i have to endure the stress and side eye @ work
because i missed yesterday
due to the above reasons.

like having someone break in your car
rifle through your things
steal from you
and leave you car open for the cats and homeless to sleep in
isn't more than enough of a reason to miss a day from work.
or, that coupled with the fact that the window glass place didnt even GET to my car until about 11:30 am.

...when i found the car @ 7 am.

ah well.

so...i'm moving.
i'm trying to have something set up by jan/feb.

cause, even though they're crackheads everywhere.
at least i might not have grown up with them.

viva la change of surroundings!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

sam cooke/obama said it best

a change is gonna come people.

and i figure that this said change should affect me too.


i'm revamping some things...

blog, life, friends....etc

change. it's inevitable.

soon come.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

*cue the dancing winkies*

*i couldn't find the one with the ACTUAL winkies. but you get the idea*


how does it feel to be black and in america?
not saying that the wounds are completely healed,
but at least we replaced it with clean gauze and some neosporin.
the healing process has begun.

and before any of you who personally know me say anything.
no, i did not and do not vote, for sincere reasons.
for me, this isn't about politics
it's just about an intelligent (stress on the word intelligent. i'm looking at you rev. al), strong man in office that just so happens to look like me.

that in itself is amazing.

i mean,
my grandparents were the children of sharecroppers.
my grandfather has worked his entire life aware of the fact that he was smarter and more qualified than his superiors,
but paid significantly less.
my grandmother, born and raised in the rural south
(i mean who besides my family and like 2 others know where summerton s.c is? yeah i didnt think so)
has lived through the depression,
segregation/jim crow and the civil rights movement,
constantly being told that she was worth next to nothing
constantly being told that she would never be more than what she already was.
they both lived to see a beautiful brown skinned man become the next president.


i can breathe now.

with this ginormous feat comes a deep responsibility.
black people
this is our time to stand up and act like we actually collectively have some sense.
we have NO CHOICE/NO EXCUSE now.
all that,
"the white man is holding me down" has to stop,
years and years of cop-outs, and constantly uttering the words "i can't because..." are over.
there is no need for it now.
the ultimate position of power is and will be for the next 4 years, occupied by a black man.
that is so huge that it should force every single black person in america to straighten up and at least attempt to fly right.

we as a people need to realize our worth and abilities
and use the resources that will soon become readily available to their individual fullest.

this, more than ever, is OUR time.
OUR time to reclaim what was stolen, lost and ridiculed into obscurity.
OUR time to say and actually believe that we can be whatever we want.
OUR time to look at our children and see them have the same choices, and oppurtunites as the others.


i feel like i'm rambling and i'm sorry.
i'm just hype
and hopeful.

damn straight.